Coalition for Sustainable STEM and Diversity

In recognising that nature based sustainable development cannot occur without a diverse STEM community to fuel inclusive innovation, four youth action groups founded the Coalition for Sustainable STEM and Diversity (CSSD) to form a link between the two fields and pave the way for an inclusive approach towards sustainable development.

Carbon Neutral

A student-led initiative that aims to survey existing frontier technologies and nature-based solutions in carbon capture to be implemented by youth in Asia.


A STEM and Innovation organisation that encourages student coders, engineers, and entrepreneurs to tackle SDGs through events like hackathons and workshops.


Dedicated to creating an inclusive community in STEM, SFS provides free, fun, and hands-on learning opportunities to empower underprivileged children.


Inspiring the next generation of changemakers to empower diversity in STEM sectors through hackathons, volunteering events and content.

3 Goals. A common philosophy.

By combining three unique SDGs in an interdisciplinary fashion, we've created a backing philosophy that drives our work. STEM's driving principles include creativity and collaboration, fuelling innovation and solutions to contemporary issues and acting as a toolbox of solutions we can unpack in order to change the world.

4: Quality Education

We democratise innovative and empowering education, promoting global problem solving skills tackling all SDGs, through pro-bono STEM events for all.

10: Reduced Inequalities

We place an emphasis on diversity and inclusion in STEM, highlighting the importance of providing equal opportunities to voice out ideas and combat the global issues.

13: Climate Action

As a diverse coaliation, we promote partnerships between organisations fueled by the same vision of bringing sustainability and innovation into STEM industries.

Diversity & Inclusivity. Because we're all in it together.

We believe we have a commitment to make STEM more inclusive. We can no longer ignore issues that disproportionately affect underrepresented groups, such as the lack of access to clean water, food, and healthcare. By providing access to STEM education to these groups, we can equip everyone with the skills necessary to make a difference.

Thinkers, Innovators, and Leaders. Working together.

Our organisations are composed of unique individuals who use their unique skills to contribute to our shared goal. We are joined by our love for education, communication, and youth action. And together, our impacts stretch far and wide, creating a more diverse STEM ecosystem and combat the most important goals.

Founding Team

Jason Qiu

Nicole Lee

Justin Kim

Alexander Zhang

Executive Team

Jason Qiu

Nicole Lee

Justin Kim

Alexander Zhang